Chenille for fly tying.

FL Chartreuse Perfect Egg Chenille

10mm Perfect Egg Chenille

Designed to tie the perfect egg fly quick and easyVery easy to tie withEach pack contains 2 meters 10mm chenilleChoice of Colours: FL Chartreuse, FL O...
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mosaic chenille black

4MM Mosaic Chenille

Mosaic Chenille 4mmStandard chenille with added Red, Gold and Blue flash.Chenille is perfect for tying lures and bugs.  2 meters per pack.Variety of c...
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4mm uv chenille

4mm UV Chenille

Each pack contains 2 meters 4mm chenille4mm chenille with added UV10 Colours available:  Deep Black, Fl Lime, Fl Orange, Fl Pink, Fl Sunburst, Fl Yell...
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