Zonker Strips in Fly Tying

Zonker Strips in Fly Tying

What is a zonker?

A zonker is a fly made from a strip of fur. The strips are known as zonker strips and they have the hide attached. Once waterlogged, this softens and create a fly with bulk that pulsates when retrieved. It's great for larger flies, such as streamers and pike fly patterns. Here are some zonker strips you can use.


Cross Cut strips are made by cutting across the hide with is visually from shoulder to shoulder. Cross Cut – cut strips are approximately  1/8 inch wide and cut across the hide. Cross cut rabbit strips are wound around the hook shank to make pulsating bodies and are used in many freshwater and saltwater fly patterns tied for salmon, steelhead, trout, tarpon, bonefish, permit, bass, pike, musky, bull trout, sea run cutthroat and more.


Standard Zonker – cut strips are approximately 1/8” wide and the hairs are in line with the hide. Perfect for tying zonker style flies. The straight cut strips are for the zonker type of flies and wings on pike or salmon flies.


Perfect for tying small  streamers. Perfect for making patterns for trout and saltwater fish.

We hope you got some idea for using zonkers. check out our zonker strips available in different colours by clicking here.