7 Useful Tips From Experts in Fly Fishing.

7 Useful Tips From Experts in Fly Fishing.

I was looking for some helpful tips for beginners in fly tying. However I also saw some topic about fly fishing. So in this blog I would like to share some useful and helpful tips that I have read. This tips are from experts in fly fishing.

Importance of Presentation -     

Both presentation and matching the hatch as two parts of approaching trout that must work together.Presentation is how you present the fly, and it does not just start as you make the cast. Presentation is a series of tactics that begin before you even tie your fly on. Presentation is how you approach the water that puts you in a good position to make a cast without spooking the fish. Presentation is how you make the cast. Presentation is the action, or lack of action, that you impart on your fly that entices a fish to eat it.

Learn to read the water     

 Rivers with significant fishing pressure hold fish that do not suffer fools. Most aquatic organisms drift downstream at the same speed as the current, with little perceptible lateral movement. Anglers who can manipulate their lines to imitate this “natural drift” will be consistently successful.

Find a fly fishing guide

Find a guide or a teacher to guide you when starting. They will    not only guide you but also show you a few tricks of the game. This will help you enjoy fly fishing right away. 

Don't be afraid to ask for advise

Whether you are a beginner or an already an amateur dont be shy to ask for advise or help. We don\t always know things. 

Learn to read the fish    

There will be obstacles in approaching a fish so you better learn on how to read the fish.  You need to know when to approach the fish in a way not to spook them.

Proper planning is important

On your everyday life it is important to have a plan.     Same goes with your fly fishing. Be wary and always think of the small things. Too often anglers arrive at a destination and due to sheer excitement, wind up spending too much time in water that isn’t productive. It will amaze you to see the importance of proper planning.

Importance of Flies

 When fishing subsurface, and especially when dead-drifting small, realistic flies, it’s extremely important to get the fly down on the fish’s level and drift fairly close to its nose. This might be the first thing you read in any book or article on nymphing, but it still should be tattooed on both hands and the forehead of every new angler.