Five Small But Important Things To Practice In Fly Tying

Five Small But Important Things To Practice In Fly Tying

In fly tying there are some good practices that could help you in making fly tying a lot easier.  You may be doing this for the first time or maybe doing this for quite a while. But knowing  and learning good practices will hep you a lot. So here are a few of good practices you can do especially when you are new at fly tying.

  1. Prepare and organize your fly tying materials. This is the most basic task and first task. Have your basic tools prepared and your materials in one place. Save time by having everything organize and making sure they are complete. 

2. Place your vice head high to reduce neck pain. This is really a common knowledge. When you spent a lot of hours making your patterns having a good height in your vise helps to reduce  or avoid neck pain.

3. Figure out the most efficient way to tie you pattern. You can make your first pattern a sample. Figure out how  ou can tie it fast and durable. This is your test pattern, Experiment to find what is the most effective way to do the pattern so that your other work will be perfect.

4. Be like Edward Scissorhands. Not literally but you must get the point. Hold your scissors as you tie.  Hold your scissors always you will save time in doing this. This way you can continue with whatever you are working on and not having to get it and put it down every second. 

5. Wrap your thread tightly. Make sure to wrap thread tightly always and use fewr wraps. A tightly wrappe thread is stronger. 3-5 wraps is okay depending on the material but what is necessary is make a thread wrap tight.  Shorter thread is better for a stronger wrap. 

These are only few things to remember but it will really help a lot on enjoying your fly tying experience.   But these small things helps a lot in speeding and making you a more efficient fly tyer.  You can see some of our flies here and learn our patterns by practicing.  Finally as they say practice makes perfect so practice, practice , practice.