How to Tie a Scud Wet Fly

How to Tie a Scud Wet Fly

 Fly tying techniques are different in every fly so here is how you tie a Scud Wet Fly


  • Hook: Heavy wire nymph hook, 
  • #10 Weight Non-toxic wire, size 0.020" diameter
  • Thread: Any  color good colours to use though are : Orange, Tan, Gray or White
  • Rib : Copper wire medium
  • Shellback: 1/8" Mylar Strip  or latex scud back
  • Tan nymph dubbing

How to make a Tan Scud Wet Fly

  1. Wrap the bare hook shank with non-2 toxic wire and cover with a smooth base of thread.
  2. Tie in the copper wire.
  3. Tie in the strip of mylar
  4. Spin dubbing thickly onto thread and wrap a  rough shaggy body, leaving 1.5-2 hook eye diameters of space behind the eye
  5. Pull the shellback over the body and tie off behind the eye. 
  6. Wrap wire rib in an open spiral, tie off behind the eye, and whip finish.
  7. Tease out dubbing fibers by brushing the sides and bottom with Velcro. 
  8. The finished fly should be very shaggy.