BEHR Fishing Products

BEHR Fishing Products

It was back in the summer of 1977 when Manfred Behr began his business in his garage, producing handmade polysterene floats for use by his match fishing team. Within a very short time it was also supplying these floats to local shops and significantly to keen anglers in England. In return the team was able to buy keepnets, landing nets and groundbait.

Behr Angelsport was founded by Manfred Behr former member of the german international fishing team and several times german champion in match fishing. After his active career and with his international experience he concentrated on the growth of his company and on the developement of new products for all kinds of fishing.

Slowly the company built up its portfolio, set up factories overseas for its production as European manufacturing costs rose and began distributing more and more items.

Many items carry Behr’s own brand names including ICEBEHR for winter clothing, BEHRsports for leisure clothing, EUROLITE chemical lights, TRENDEX lures and spinners, EUROBITE electronic bite indicators,

RedCarp for carp fishing, YASHIDA and MARACAY hooks, TRENDplus fishing lines and saltwater brand SEABEHR.

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